Nicolette Boaz | official website
Nicolette Boaz | official website
Nicolette Boaz | official website

Body of Work

Nicolette has composed for features, documentaries, jingle libraries, theatre shows, corporate videos and singers. Here are just a few of those.

2022 – 2024 I’m With Her

A play about heroic resistance by eight extraordinary women.

‘I’m With Her’ was written by Walkley Award winner Victoria Midwinter Pitt from frank and intimate conversations.

It has multi media imagery and accompanying music.

Performed: Darwin Festival 2023, Perth Festival 2024


2023 Record and Produce songs in the Arrernte language ( N.T.)

Music project to help preserve the Arrernte language with students of Llyentye Apurte school and members of the Eastern Arrernte community of Northern Territory.


2021-2022 Symphonic piece ‘Day in the Life Of’ composed and performed.

60 piece Central Coast Orchestra with video screen of desert images by Murray Fredericks.


2020 Laura’s Choice (multi award winning)

2 x 1 hour documentary or 100 minute documentary about feisty nonogenarian Laura Henkel, who decides to end her life on her own terms and asks her filmmaker daughter and granddaughter to chronicle the journey. Listed in the Guardian as one of Australia’s top 10 TV shows of 2021

Currently screening on ABC TV Plus, Film Festival Circuit and international distribution by Off the Fence.

Directors: Cathy Henkel, Sam Lara Henkel


2017 Angels Gather Here

The film provides a unique insight into the lives of one Aboriginal family over five generations and how government policies continue to impact on Aboriginal people today. Ultimately the film celebrates the Trapman family their inspiring story symbolising the strength, dignity and resilience of many Aboriginal people in the face of adversity.

Director: Ian Hamilton.


2014- 2015 Original Score (album)

songs and instrumentals for Film and TV
(featuring Linda Janssen)


2012 Show Me the Magic (winner WOW composition Award)

Show Me the Magic is the story of Don McAlpine legendary Australian cinematographer, now 77. He has shot many of Australia’s early iconic films such as My Brilliant Career and Breaker Morant. He went on to film an astonishing array of Hollywood blockbusters including Mrs Doubtfire, Wolverine and Chronicles of Narnia. His works also include Moulin Rouge and Romeo and Juliet for which he was nominated for an Oscar.

He has now shot 53 features and has no plans to stop filming.

Director: Cathy Henkel


2010-2011 – Hypnopaedia

Once in a while an album comes along that breaks new ground. From the opening track Borders “I don’t believe in borders, I believe in culture” this is one of those albums that will captivate listeners from beginning to end. This stunning new release “Hypnopædia” by composer Nicolette Boaz features 10 tracks co-written with 10 diverse Australian/ ethnic groups. It is a musical melting pot which is both surprising and sumptuous. With an eclectic line-up of artists including Wire MC (Aboriginal Australia), SistaNative (Tonga), Anita Meiruntu (Indonesia) and Mlu (African), Boaz has created a unique musical journey of traditional melodies set against rock solid electro beats, spontaneous performances and some of the best voices on the continent.


2010 Our Generation

The broad story of the colonization of Australia and the effect on Aboriginal people –focusing on the Government’s suspension of the Racial Discrimination Act and the imposition of the Intervention.

It is a documentary on the Australian Aboriginal struggle for their land, culture and freedom focussing on the Yolgnu from Arnhem Land. The soundtrack also features John Butler, Xavier Rudd and Gurrumul.


2008-2009 – The Burning Season

Time is running out for the forests of Indonesia. Another burning season is approaching. When faced with a global crisis of an unprecedented scale, Dorgee Sun, an Asian/Australian sets out to protect the forests, save the orangutans from extinction and help redefine the Earth’s future with his carbon trading company. This is a global film, showing how one person can make a difference. The film culminates at the Bali Summit where the tension is papable. 90 cinema release + 1 hour. National Geographic, PBS,ABC, BBC, CBC.( Aust. cinema release- 4 stars Margaret and David)

Director: Cathy Henkel
Narrated by: Hugh Jackman


2009 – My Home – The Block

One hour documentary about an elderly Aboriginal woman who is the last remaining inhabitant on the Block in Redfern and her fight to remain on land that she sees as rightfully belonging to her people. Screened NITV(National Indigenous Television)


2006 – One Two Three And The Dog

Music director / co-composer for multi- media theatre show opening in Blue Room Perth. The play is about 3 sisters who haven’t been together for 17 years, to bury their recently departed (or are they ?) parents. Playing in Sydney 2007

Director: Victoria Midwinter Pitt


2005 – Silma’s School

1 hour documentary for ABC that chronicles the fight for justice by an Australian Muslim woman when she is leased land by a large corporation to build a school, only to find 2 years later that it is the site of a toxic waste dump.

Director: Jane Jeffes


2003-4 Music For Corporate Videos


2002 – The Dalton Sisters

A half hour documentary screened on ABC about 2 sisters and their obsession with musical theatre.


2001 – For Who I Am

A 30 minute documentary for SBS on the widow of Eddie Mabo- Bonita Mabo- and her fight for her people, the Kanakas, stolen from the Pacific Islands to have their rightful place in Australian society


2001 – Losing Layla

1 hour documentary for A.B.C. about the tragedy and consequent journey of a North Coast couple who lose their newborn child. Atom Award winner 2001.

Director: Cathy Henkel


2001 – Outing Gay Hate

1 hour documentary for screening on S.B.S. about violence directed towards members of the gay community.


1999 – Dancing On Glass

Feature directed by Ken Ross (Breaker Morant) comedy/thriller.


1999 – Walking Through A Minefield

The story of the uranium mine in N.T. as viewed by a variety of people including the head of security, the protestors, the head of the local police , the T.R.G. and the local townspeople. (screened on SBS)

Director: Cathy Henkel


1998 – Walking With My Sisters

One hour documentary directed by Bronwyn Kidd (Director Flickerfest) about the Arakwal peoples’ native title claim in the Byron Bay region.(screened S.B.S.)


1997 – Jabiluka

David Bradbury’s documentary of the Aboriginal clan-the Mirrar people and their fight to retain control of their land against E.R.A. who have opened a uranium mine in the Northern Territory under controversial circumstances.


1996 – Eye On The Reef

1 hour documentary about the Barrier Reef commissioned by Nova Films (U.S.A.) – sold in over 25 countries-viewed on national television (screened by CH. 7) in 1999, 2000, 2001.


Other Achievements

B.A. Contemporary Music- Southern Cross University.
Double major – Music / Aboriginal Studies- distinction
Gungil Jindaba Award recipient, for highest marks in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island Studies.