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Nicolette Boaz, is a Sydney based composer who will create a parallel sound for your image. The sound designs are often surprising but they are always rich and fit like a glove. They are unique and tailor made. She has a unique reputation in the music business.


A composer needs to fully empathise with the director’s requirements, and this means reading beyond the obvious and moving into the sub-text. Nicolette has worked on many documentaries mainly those with a social conscience. However, world funk remains a special passion: mixing the traditional with contemporary musics. She began to learn piano when she was just four. For 20 years she has composed for all manner of mediums and taught music to children, teenagers and tertiary level students. The degree in Contemporary Music where she was a distinction average student, majored in composition & Aboriginal studies where she topped her year and was awarded the Gungil Jindaba prize. Now she offers compositions with a wealth of experience working with a deep understanding of ethnic musics including indigenous Australian, funk, classical and jazz, with or without the spoken word.


Nicolette Boaz – composer, sound designer, accompanist, and performer. Her compositions offer the most fabulous array of opportunities along with 100 piece orchestras ( if the budget allows), the exact science of electronic drum loops, dry silence, the insistence of light pop, the warmth and beauty of acoustic instruments and a deep empathy with musics from all corners of the globe. These are all her inspiration.